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Hiking in Nepal

The Kathmandu Valley is surrounded by a number of hiking trails that offer stunning views of the valley and the surrounding mountains. Here are some popular hiking trails around Kathmandu:

(1) Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park: This national park is located on the northern edge of the Kathmandu Valley and offers several hiking trails. The Nagarkot-Chisapani Trek is a popular route that takes hikers through forests, rural villages, and farmland, and offers stunning views of the Himalayas.

(2) Champa Devi Hiking Trail: This trail is located on the southern edge of the Kathmandu Valley and takes hikers to the top of Champa Devi Hill, which offers panoramic views of the valley and the surrounding mountains.

(3) Phulchowki Hiking Trail: Phulchowki is the highest hill surrounding the Kathmandu Valley, and the trail to the summit offers stunning views of the valley, as well as a chance to spot some of the local wildlife.

(4) Nagarjuna Hill Hiking Trail: Located on the western edge of the Kathmandu Valley, the Nagarjuna Hill Hiking Trail offers views of the valley, as well as the Nagarjuna forest and the surrounding hills.

(5) Namobuddha Hiking Trail: This trail takes hikers to the sacred Buddhist site of Namobuddha, which is located on a hilltop to the east of the Kathmandu Valley. The trail offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and farmland.

These are just a few of the many hiking trails around the Kathmandu Valley. Each trail offers a unique experience, and hikers can choose the trail that best suits their interests and abilities. It is important to note that some trails may require permits or guides, so it is always best to check with a local tour operator or the Nepal Tourism Board for more information before embarking on a hike.

Nepal is regarded as the best place in the planet for hiking. Mountainous and Himalayan region of the world hosts the total environment setting for such outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments, often in mountainous as well as other scenic terrain. There are lots of virgin tracks where organic rhythm of foot travel would the best way to explore and experience nature as it is. Hiking usually consists of a series of ascents and descents walking but here in Nepal it means more than walking its destinations are not only filled of natural setting but cultural and historical too.

Relying on Himalaya Thunder Treks staff during hike, you not only find path, will make an introduction with the local people, culture, religion, and lifestyle as well. Most of hiking route ends passing through forests of rhododendron, bamboo, oak, hemlock and classic villages as well as rivers with log passages. Hiking is not just making a walk for particular destination. It’s the journey to explore, experience a modest peace of mind observing nature, Himalayas and its rural ethnic communities. In Nepal one can get not only experience of Himalayas, mountains and nature through out hiking, but idea how culture and people are connected with nature.

The Mount Everest lapped nation has 8 of the world’s top 10 highest mountains with various ranges. In number there are about 1500 mountains exceeding 5000 meters. Nepali Himalayan region started from the height of 5,000meters with eight of the 14 highest summits of the world with lots of ecological and ethnic diversity. Hiking will be the opportunity to meet and explore various Nepalese ethnic cultures, friendly Sherpas and hospitality of ethnic communities. Himalaya Thunder Treks team has spent their decades on famous hiking routs; we know how your hike will be explorative with Nepali cultural touch.


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