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Namobuddha Hiking


  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Trip Grade: Easy

Situated at the pinnacle of Panauti Namoboudha have significance as Buddhist pilgrimage. About 40 km drive from Kathamandu located in Kavre District Namobuddha caters its distinctiveness with legendary prince Mahasttva, who offered himself to starving Tigress to feed its cubs. The legendary narrative you can found crafted on stone slabs here and placed to a holy stupa. In Namobuddha there are numbers of ancient monastery are still in practice where Tibetan culture as well as Tibetan Buddhism can observe as they were years ago.

Namobuddha Buddhist holy spot is located about 1 hour walking distance from Dhulikhel. There a mammoth Buddha statue will see at the middle of thick forest. This area is full of stupas and Buddha statues with different legends and actions. There are thousands steps laid on the way for easy walk. The major stupa is with the hight of about 20 ft which upper gilded tower holds the prayers flag. You can find diversity in Namobuddha jungle enjoying flora and fauna with watching birds too.

Traditional Newar setting with century long cultural practice can observe and experience during Namobuddha hike. Namobuddha situating at he pinnacle of Newari setting presents spectacular view of Himalayas like Ganesh Himal, Jugal Himal along with Panchkhal, Dhulikehl valley with traditional Newari houses, and terrace with seasonal crops. There are lots of temples and holy places in Dhulikhel with typical Nepali setting. The Newar setting holds its historical legacy with its temples and traditions. Himalaya Thunder Treks team with this historical, cultural and religious setting makes your trip more comfortable and informative as well as exciting with its strength of knowledge and experience.

Namobuddha is a sacred Buddhist site located in Kavrepalanchok District, Nepal. It is believed to be the place where Lord Buddha, in one of his previous lives, gave his body to a starving tigress and her cubs, sacrificing himself to provide food for the animals. This act of selflessness is considered a significant event in Buddhist lore and is often depicted in Buddhist art.

The name "Namobuddha" is derived from the Sanskrit words "namo" and "buddha," which mean "I bow to the Buddha." The site is home to a monastery and a stupa, which are popular pilgrimage sites for Buddhists. The stupa is said to contain a bone fragment from the body of Lord Buddha, and many devotees come to pay their respects and offer prayers.

Namobuddha is also known for its stunning views of the Himalayas, as it is situated on a hilltop at an elevation of 1,750 meters above sea level. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and countryside from the site.

Overall, Namobuddha is a significant religious and cultural site in Nepal, attracting both local and international visitors who seek spiritual and historical connections to Buddhism.

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