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Why Travel With US?

We the Himalaya Thunder treks prove you the full information on the area’s attractions, lodging, maps and other relevant need for safe travel. Nepal has the most favorable conditions for visitors and the sojourns of foreigners. Nepal’s touristic potential is immense and varied as the country offers a great choice of attractive possibilities that answer the always renewed demands of modern international travelers. Nepal’s remoteness, very Isolation has an unrivaled charm and appeal which is irresistible. It features attraction ranging from magnificent alpine scenery to the highest Himalayan panorama.

We are committed for quality

We have two decades of experience as a manager, guide and porter on the trekking route, trip and trails. We know better what you need during your trip; hospitality, food, cares especially at high altitudes and emergencies. We are opened as a trekking company with our motive to use our knowledge of better trips more than making just a business. We are as professional as a trekking tour required insight and experiences to organize a trip and make your journey safe. We recommend and make a trip to you keeping all details in mind of your fitness, weather, trekking experience, time and money.

Friendly family environment

we are experienced and dedicated to trekking trips. We are the team of manager, guide, Sherpa’s and Porter. They must be friendly with you for a successful trip, especially if you are new to Nepal for trekking it needs more and more. Our team customized for you would have such a sense of friendly family environment, which cares and concerned you like your family members for safety and security.


We are affordable and reasonable for a great experience with the high Himalayas and trekking trails. Having an aspiration to fulfill your needs and expectation during the trip we have to charge you sound. Cheap pricing will not on your behalf which may fail to provide services as required on trips and crises. Putting quality first we want competitive pricing.

Safety & Security

'Putting safety first" it's our slogan for a trekking trip. It's most important for you as well as our crews to be safe when trek. Especially in a high altitude route and trails to make trips secured we use safety guidelines as in international practice and highly qualified guides to ensure your safety. We brief you altitude and caused sickness before departure. Providing quality equipment, tents, medical kits we have extra staff to care if something goes wrong with your health. If evacuation needs here we have arrangements for the rescue with a helicopter. For the safety of our team, we fully insured guides, sherpas, and porters as well as proper clothing for high altitudes and suggests you to make proper travel insurance and clothing arrangements.


We are equally responsible and committed to social responsibility as your safety. It's our responsibility to make responsible practice toward environment, culture and host community at practicing trekking. We are a supporter of village social project non-profit, non-political organization working on education and nutrition for village children along with agricultural activities in rural villages. We are sharing 3 % of our profit with this organization. The amount enables this organization to makes its social program efficient with a broad horizon.

Visit Nepal big why???

Nepal is a marvelous country rich in flora and fauna is a paradise to the naturalist, the lover of wild animals and birdlife. World Tourism Organization and the far-reaching expeditions by the mountaineering team from different parts of the world spread the name of the land of Everest, the birthplace of the Gautam Buddha and the home of the gallant Gurkhas to each and every corner of the world. Nepalese people and their traditional hospitality, cultural treasures and the jaw-dropping majestic Himalaya and the age-old tradition in the form of a masterpiece of arts and crafts of great originality and quality testifies that traditional genius is still living. Folklore, festivals, music, and dances can be appreciated all the year around. Nepal is the land of peace and the peaceful tranquil atmosphere is an important factor that promotes tourism.

Nepal offers exciting fascination owing to the vastness of natural panorama, the high standard of cultural achievements, the pleasant coolness of its climate, the uniqueness of its flora and fauna. It is truly a bewitching land of contrasts, rugged mountain ranges, green and cool valleys, fertile and tropical forests, the rolling downs of the Terai and the pristine glory of perpetual snows.