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Ajaya Dahal

Ajaya Dahal
Team Leader

Ajaya Dahal was born in Chitwan district. Chitwan National Park is a protected area in the Terai Terai of south-central Nepal, famous for its biodiversity. He started his tourism career in 1979 as an office worker. Then he became a trekking porter, a trekking guide. After serving the tourism sector for 13 consecutive years, he is now a team leader with his old team at the Himalayan Thunder Treks and Expeditions Pvt. He has led several groups in Nepal, Tibet and Mount Kailash. He is also a major correspondent and guest speaker at the company. His work is unwaveringly committed. He has acquired the necessary knowledge for responsible tourism and has established himself as a young tourism entrepreneur in Nepal. You can expect him to be friendly, caring and familiar.