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There are many quotes, myth and historical events popular about Nepal. The Himalayan country caters its identity with Brave Gurkhas, Mountaineer Sherpas, birthplace of Lord Buddha as well as highest pick Mount Everest. It is believed that YATI (the snow man) still in existence on Nepalese hilly mountain range. With ethnic diversity the Hindu majority nation has unique diversity in traditional as well cultural deeds.

Nepal positioned between China and India, with own biodiversity, natural resources, mountains, ethnic, geographical beauty. Nepal is the base of over 20% of Hindu-Kush Himalayas which stretch out from Burma to Afghanistan. Mount Everest lapped nation has 8 of the world’s top 10 highest mountains with various range. In number there are about 1500 mountains exceeding 5000 meters.

That’s why renowned Adventure Magazine National Geographic observes it as the best country for adventure destination around the globe. Another international broadcasting corporation BBC proclaimed Nepal as a place to see before death.

Rich ethnic, cultural, geographical and natural diversities along with majestic Himalayas and historical monuments are the main attraction of Nepal. Its landscape from 60 meter above sea level to 8,850 meters world's crown Mt. Everest. Between this it has plains, hills, tropical forests, valleys, Himalayas with complex geographical outline it’s the best destination for trekking and adventurous expedition.

'Atithi Devo Bhava:' inspiring Hindu philosophy gives guests and tourists place of god. So, traveler from another country, continent will get warm hospitality with huge respect.


Nepal is a mountainous and landlocked country laid on the southern slopes of Himalayas. It occupied 1, 47,181 60 meter form 8, 850 meters above the sea level. It is divided into three geographical regions Himalayan, Hilly and Tarai. Himalayan region started from the height of 5,000meters with eight of the 14 highest summits of the world. Hilly Region starts from height of 4, 877 and lies between the Himalayan and Terai region. Terai region starts from Indo-Nepal border from south to at the base of Siwalik Hills (Chure) in the north.


Nepal is the unique example for world with the cohesive mixture of numerous cultures and tradition. In Nepal one can found traditional architecture, painting and sculpture which have been well preserved from 1500 years. Kathmandu Valley vividly reflects artistic ingenuity and religious tradition. As Kathmandu Mustang Valley has reflection of Himalayan culture and tradition.


Nepal has a great variation in climate. As diverge as its topography. The range from tropical to alpine depends on the altitude. Plane Terai region lies in the tropical southern part of the country with little bit warm and humid climate. In hilly region persists pleasant over the year although some winter days make one cool. Northern part of the country at the altitude above 3,353 meters has alpine climate with snow covered mountains.

It has major four distinct seasons; spring March to May, is warm with rainy drops. Summer, June to August, is monsoon with lush and green hills. Another season Autumn remains from September to November. This is most suitable season among other for trekking with cool and clear skies. Forth season is Winter, December to February, with intimate making cold at night.


Bhat (rice), Daal (pulse), Tarkari (vegetable) and Aachar (pickle) it’s a typical Nepalese food. Including chicken, pork, mutton and other local organic vegetable meal set completes titled with “Nepali cuisine”. Though, other foreign cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese and Thai also available in most of hotels and restaurants. But Nepali and Newari & Thakali cuisine are popular among foreigner.