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Laamo Jharana ( Long Waterfall )

07 Jan, 2021 Himalaya Thunder Treks

Laamo Jharana ( Long Waterfall )

                                                   Long waterfall
The long waterfall is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal. As soon as you reach there, the minds of the people become happy. Especially from the month of March to the month of September, this place is very enjoyable. Where you can play adventure games. About 100 m. Hang on to the rope to reach the top of the waterfall. This is an adventure. This waterfall is 1 km from the main road. Falls inside The arrangement of this waterfall in solitude to the melody of nature's music is very good. Playing with the speed of the water falling in the waterfall and reaching the top by overcoming the speed of the water with the help of the rope can be a great victory for the adventurers.