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Nepal's first salak footpath announced in Kirtipur

21 Feb, 2021 Himalaya Thunder Treks

Nepal's first salak footpath announced in Kirtipur

Nepal's first salak(Pangolian) footpath has been declared in Kirtipur. On the occasion of the 10th World Salak Day, a footpath has been announced at Baghbhairav ​​Community Forest in Kirtipur. A footpath led by organizations including Community Forest, Kirtipur Municipality, Small Mammal Conservation and Research Foundation (SMCRF) has been announced on Saturday amidst a program for the conservation of rare and protected species. The footpath starts from Baghbhairav ​​Community Forest Area of ​​Kirtipur-4 and ends at Salak Chautari after climbing for about two hours. This trail is 5 kilometers long. A footpath has also been announced here to bring other conservation programs as it is an area where squid are found. The shy mammal is considered a farmer's friend. Salk does not harm people. Conservationists have been paying attention to how to protect the insects and ants as the number of carp is declining every year. Tulsilakshmi Suwal, founder of SMRF, said that the Salak Footpath has been announced for the first time not only in Nepal but also in the world. "It's probably the world's first saloon footpath. This footpath also has the Salak Chautari, 'she said,' starting from the Baghbhairav ​​temple and ending at the Salak Chautari, there are many Salak habitats on this footpath. 'On the occasion of Salak Day, Salak Guides have been prepared under the leadership of Baghbhairav ​​Community Forest. Three shrimp guides have been prepared for the information and development of conservation and tourism. According to Suwal, 32 people have been trained but 3 people have been trained to work as salak guides. "We have created the world's first shrimp guide for bird conservation, just like the bird guide, the tourist guide. Directional flags and information boards have also been placed at various places along the Salak Trail. There are two types of shrimp in Nepal which are considered to be very rare in the world. The black shrimp, also known as the Chinese shrimp, is on the endangered list. Shrimp is found in 62 districts of Nepal.