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People are thinking about nepal

21 Feb, 2021 Himalaya Thunder Treks

People are thinking about nepal

Countless human beings from all over the world are now forbidden to roam the beautiful Nepal full of nature. It's been almost a year as People from all over the world were very excited to see and see the beautiful scenery of Nepal. Some people have been dreaming for years to kiss the sky of Mount Everest in Nepal.
But the epidemic that started in 2020 made 2021 like a prisoner. People were forced to stay at home, killing their will. Forced to live in their own village, they could not go beyond the borders of their country.
Here our warm hospitality and welcome and the flowers withered away. We are forced to stay idle without working as a capable mountain guide.

Everyone believed the rumors of the epidemic and spread terror among the common people.
Fortunately, we are preparing to run a trekking group in the Himalayan region. If you want to travel to Nepal, please contact us, we will make your trip successful and unforgettable safe.
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