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Rain in Nepal....

16 Jun, 2021 Himalaya Thunder Treks

Rain in Nepal....

With new places and new thinking, you will now enjoy your journey in a more unique way than ever before. We will show the changes made by the recent rains and the devastation of the mountains, hills and lowlands in a new form. You can see the new look of beautiful geography in Nepal. Because of the damage caused by the mountain jungle and the river canal, it became a human field, but now a new form will be seen. When the nectar-like water from the mountains reaches the mountains and the Terai, it merges into the sea in the form of a monster.
There will be greenery and new roads on the way to Everest. We look forward to this rainy season, we will start our trek in August after August. In the rainy season, it takes a long time to see the water.

We travel to the mountains only in two seasons. Spring season and autumn season.