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Good things about Nepal

24 Jul, 2021 Himalaya Thunder Treks

Good things about Nepal

The highest living creatures in the world can be seen living. Wonderful old remains to be seen. A trip to Everest, the highest mountain in Nepal, can be unforgettable in your life. The lifestyle of people living in high places is equally interesting. The festival is special for the people who live here. The Chadbad hill here is beautiful, painted white and painted in black. It is even more fun to see and understand the bird's nest, the leopard's nest, and the various species of creatures that live there. This place is really like heaven.
Walking uphill and downhill paths leads to gurgling waterfalls,
While walking uphill, you can see the beautiful places far away.

Growing up soaked in the stereotypes of myths there have been many, good sides which are healthy environment, well-groomed, friendly, kind and strong. This is the introduction of Nepal. Introduction to a Nepal in general it  is a calm and beautiful country with the tallest, landscapes fading away into fertile plains chest and sharp eyes. the beautiful view of the country can be seen from the house of every citizens. If I want to go sleep in the mountains i can, If I want to sleep in the hills i can, If I want to sleep in the Terai today i can. If I want to play on the top of the mountain, If I want to play on the plains of the Terai i can.Birds and wild animals dancing, running across the beautiful feilds and the beautiful sound of birds is mesmerising. The beautiful view of the beautiful mountains of makes the mind happy.If every people from all over the world still see the face of Nepal, it will be a valuable opportunity for everyone.

The funny thing is that there are festivals every day in Nepal. While the younger generation celebrates the festival in their own way, the elders celebrate it in their own way at home. Nepal is the unique example for world with the cohesive mixture of numerous cultures and tradition. In Nepal one can found traditional architecture, painting and sculpture which have been well preserved from 1500 years. Kathmandu Valley vividly reflects artistic ingenuity and religious tradition. As Kathmandu Mustang Valley has reflection of Himalayan culture and tradition.