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SPRING SEASONS ( Basanta Ritu )

03 Mar, 2023 Himalaya Thunder Treks

SPRING SEASONS ( Basanta Ritu )

SPRING SEASONS ( Basanta Ritu )


The spring season, or Basant Ritu, in Nepal typically falls between the months of March and May, although the exact timing can vary depending on the region. It is a time of new growth and renewal, as the cold winter months give way to warmer temperatures and longer days.

During Basant Ritu, Nepal's natural beauty is on full display, with lush greenery and colorful blossoms covering the hillsides and valleys. This is also a time when many of Nepal's famous festivals take place, including Holi and the Nepali New Year (Bisket Jatra).

One of the most notable aspects of Basant Ritu in Nepal is the blooming of the rhododendron flowers. These vibrant flowers can be seen throughout the country, with many trekking routes offering stunning views of the colorful blossoms against the backdrop of the Himalayas.

In addition to the natural beauty, Basant Ritu is also a time for celebrating new beginnings and looking towards the future. Many people take the opportunity to clean and decorate their homes, and to wear new clothes or jewelry. It is also a time for reconnecting with friends and family, and for enjoying traditional Nepali foods and drinks.

Overall, Basant Ritu is a time of joy and celebration in Nepal, marking the end of the cold winter months and the beginning of a new season of growth and prosperity.

There are many seasons and one of them is the spring season. It is called Basanta Ritu in Nepali. This season is neither hot nor cold like in other places. Spring season in Nepal starts from March and lasts till May. During this season, you can see a wide variety of flowers blooming such as the national flower of Nepal Rhododendron, magnolia and other wildflowers in various part of the country. This season comes after winter and ends leading monsoon. The spring spreads a pleasant aroma all over Nepal. This season many birds and butterflies are seen around flower gardens. This season’s whole Nepal becomes green and colorful. This season is liked by all the Nepalese’s so it is a beautiful season.

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