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Coronavirus ( COVID 19 )

20 Jun, 2022 Himalaya Thunder Treks

Coronavirus  ( COVID 19 )


While being attacked by Covid
The adventurous journey to Mount Everest has not diminished
It's quiet now, people are wondering where to go. Feel free to join us. We already have experience, passion, vigilance and warm service towards

you.Corona virus is also known as COVID19. It started in Wuhan city of China. It began to spread to different countries all across the world almost before the starting of the year 2020. It mostly affects old peoples and childrens. Almost 250,000 peoples suffering and almost 11,000 peoples have died. Most of them are from Italy, China, Iran, and Spain, German, S. Korea and other countries from Europe.

Corona virus has made a great impact on every sector of the world. It also made a great impact on the visit Nepal Year 2020 as no hotels are open except some and there are no people to live in there. So it had been postponed to the year 2022.

This is the second time I have been exposed to the Coronavirus in 2020. covid 19